How to Distinguish Between Genuine and Artificial Leather

Leather provides a good base for quality furniture. Do not settle for fake if you can have genuine leather sofas and chairs. Of course, there is nothing wrong with the artificial leather sofas and chairs, but if you want authenticity in your home, you will want the genuine leather label.

Tips on Buying Sofas and Chairs Made from Leather

Despite the risk of not getting the quality furniture you are looking for, you might still feel compelled to have A- grade leather in your living room. The best advice is to buy furniture from trusted companies, such as JOY Furniture, known for our commitment to quality over quantity.

It Is Only A Bargain If It Is Genuine

The price can be a sign of artificial or real leather. However, some places sell artificial leather sofas and chairs at exuberant prices. Therefore, the price alone is not an indication of whether the material is genuine or synthetic. That said, be cautious of low prices. Genuine leather is expensive, and for good reason. It is exceptionally durable, and the process of transforming the raw hide into a stunning piece of material takes time, labour, and equipment. It is thus an expensive process, which should reflect in the price of the furniture.

The Tag Can Tell You Everything

Manufacturers of genuine leather sofas and chairs are normally proud of the material used in the making of the furniture. As such, you can expect the manufacturer to state if it is genuine leather, and to add a tag to the effect. If it is artificial leather, the product most probably does not have a label to indicate such. The terms used to describe real leather may vary. Pure- or semi-aniline, genuine, or pigmented leather are all terms used to state that the furniture material is not artificial leather

Look, Touch, and Smell

You have five senses, and three of them will help you in distinguishing genuine from fake. By looking at the appearance, you might be able to see uneven seams, wrinkles, natural hide marks, and grain variations. The smell of leather is unique, and this could assist you in finding the perfect couch. However, if the furniture you are buying is not brand new, the smell might be faint, but nonetheless there. If the chair feels soft and flexible, it is more likely real than fake leather. Not all genuine leather sofas and chairs have visible natural markings. To this end, it boils down to the integrity of the supplier.

Reputable Companies Do Not Disappoint

If you are still struggling to tell the difference, or you are just scared you might pay more for less, find a reputable seller. Look for reviews on the supplier, and see what other customers might have commented. Retailers selling genuine leather will state it openly on their websites. You will find that we, at JOY Furniture, are committed to transparency, and as such, only state genuine leather when it is the case. Regardless of whether you purchase leather or fabric sofas and chairs from us, you can expect quality.

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