The Modern Sofa is a Family’s Best Friend

 Over 780 visitors will spend time on the average sofa during its lifetime. It is a place for laughter, fights, cuddles, naps, and long conversations. With a stylish and unique sofa, you can have the perfect conversation starter in your living room. There are endless choices of different styles and designs, which can make it hard to choose a sofa. We make it easier to find the right one with our extensive range of modern sofas for sale in Pretoria.

 Fascinating Facts

You are probably wondering why we say that a modern sofa is a family’s best friend. Apart from the amount of time you spend together, there are a few other ways your comfortable laid-back couch friend forms part of the family and helps you out when in need:

  • Owning a modern sofa, means that you probably spend an average of four hours per day on it. It could be watching your favourite TV shows, playing games, talking to friends, reading a book, or doing some work on your laptop.
  • Your kids can jump on the average modern sofa about 600 times before it will break a sweat. This is one of the reasons why shopping for sofas in Pretoria should be done with quality and sturdiness in mind.
  • If you are a hopeless romantic, you might just be in need of a new modern sofa. It is estimated that a couple will share approximately 1200 kisses and cuddle 1350 times on their sofa.
  • At times where you have to keep a close eye on your budget, you can ask your best friend for a loan. The sofa is a softy after all. People tend to drop coins, lighters, jewellery, and other treasures while sitting on the couch, which could make it a rather valuable piggy bank.
  • When your partner is mad at you and you’ve been kicked out of your bedroom, who will always be there to support you? Of course, it is your fabulous modern sofa. Apparently, the average sofa is used as a bed about 500 times in its lifetime.
  • Who needs a dining room table when there are perfectly good modern sofas for sale in Pretoria? The average family eats dinner in front of the TV at least 12 times a month. Why settle for hard dining room chairs when you can sit comfortably on the couch.
  • Now who said friends do not forgive? A quality modern sofa will still look amazing, even when people regularly spill their drinks on it. Quality is what counts the most.
  • All sofas are made for comfort and there are roughly more than 15 different types available. We have a wide range of modern couches for sale in Pretoria, and our sofas don’t disappoint in terms of comfort either.
  • Why buy new toys for your kids if you can just find their old ones? Sofas are toddlers at heart. They love to swallow toys.

If you are living life without a quality modern sofa in your house, then you simply do not understand what comfort is about. View our range of modern sofas for sale in Pretoria and order the ideal companion for your living room today.

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