A New Year’s Furniture Clearance that Cannot be Beaten

Are you looking to upgrade your old furniture with pieces that are innovative, fresh, and new? An outward reflection of your personality, style, and values, your home is your castle and the accent pieces you choose speak volumes about you. While there are those that prefer furnishing their interior with traditional pieces, there are those that prefer modern pieces that are made for the future – and that is what we are here for.

A Modern Furniture Brand for 21st Century Lifestyle Living

Today, more than ever, there is no denying that modern, contemporary furniture is back in vogue. Owing to contemporary lifestyles that demand simple, clean, and uncluttered furniture that take up less space, this is a furniture style that has gone mainstream. Conceived for the smaller post-war home, this furniture style is all about practicality, functionality, and form, offering more benefits than that of traditional furniture. Yes, modern furniture is the new breed of furniture for 21st-century living and it does not look like it is going to change any time soon.

It is 2017, and if you are looking to transform your home or office in the New Year with furniture made for the future, then you have found it all under one roof at JOY Furniture. Renowned for pushing boundaries and breaking new ground, we are the trendsetters, importers, manufacturers, and suppliers of the trendiest and the most luxurious modern furniture in South Africa.

Luxury Furniture Designs at up to 40% Off

JOY Furniture believes that your home is your sanctuary and whether it is modern, classic, or traditional, you deserve to furnish it with the very best, which is why you need to browse our New Years furniture clearance sale. That is right, we are offering beautiful designs at up to 40% off. Not only have we reduced prices on our exquisite leather L-shaped sofa sets, but we have also reduced the prices on our sleek asymmetrical, square, slanted, curved, and round post-modern leather beds.

Buying new furniture for your new home can be a very challenging task, but you do not have to break the bank to have a beautifully furnished home. As the leading modern furniture brand of 21st-century lifestyle living, we make it our priority to offer furniture at the most competitive prices, giving nearly anyone the opportunity to furnish their home with the trendiest designer furniture in South Africa.

Whether you are looking for a red L-section modular sofa with a high back and big cushions, an art deco upholstered chaise lounge to perk up your hallway or bathroom, a brown Chesterfield, a white vinyl mid-century piece to add personality to your office space, or a slanted or round post-modern leather bed to complete your bedroom, you will find it all under one roof at JOY Furniture.

Driving innovation forward by consistently showcasing only the latest and most refreshing designs, we are your first choice for 21st-century living. Not only does our New Year’s furniture clearance sale offer a wide range of ultra-modern furniture that will fit perfectly with your décor, style, and budget, but we will deliver your furniture right to your door, anywhere in South Africa. View our online 2017 catalogue, and contact us today.

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