Inject a Dynamic Modern Tempo with These Hot New Furniture Ideas

Tired of your old living room furniture? They say that the home is a reflection of one’s personality, style, and class, and they couldn’t be more right. Yes, your home is your castle and the furniture you choose to fill it with should be pieces that you absolutely love. If you’re looking to bring some style and function into your home, then you need to turn your attention to ultra-modern furniture.

Fuelled by inspiration from the Victorian Eclectic and Edwardian Art Nouveau eras, modern furniture can be defined as “precision-engineered works of art” that highlight minimalism, practicality, durability, style, and function. Never going out of style and always making a long-lasting impression, these pieces are simple, uncluttered, and are specifically designed to serve a purpose. Not sure where to start? We have some new furniture ideas you’re going to love.

Turn Your Bedroom into a Sanctuary with a Round or Curved Modern Leather Bed

It’s the 21st century and in this age, bedrooms are no longer complete without the presence of a modern bed. Today’s bedrooms should be simple. Yes, clutter is out and minimalism is in. Just like a piece of art, make your bed the centrepiece of your bedroom. Whether you place it in the centre of the room or against the wall, turn your bedroom into a sanctuary with a post-modern round or curved leather bed.

Create the Illusion of Space with an L-Shape Corner Sectional

We’re living in a time where our living spaces have become smaller, and as our spaces change, so do our needs for furniture. While it’s easy to create the illusion of a bigger space with colour, storage, and lighting options, it can also be done with the right sofa. A rising star among urban loft living fashionistas, business reception areas, and modern homes,, L-shape corner sectionals (also referred to as space savers) are ideal for those who need maximum seating in large or small spaces. What makes these sofas so popular is that they can be arranged in several configurations that include L-shape or U-shape configurations. Offering the illusion of more floor space, they also allow you to add more pieces to your small space.

Accent Your Space with a Chic, Contemporary Chaise Lounge

There’s no piece of furniture like the chaise lounge, especially when it’s covered in a gorgeous art deco fabric. Traditionally reserved for those in authority in the Victorian Age, the chaise lounge is elegant, sophisticated, and fit for royalty. Extremely popular today, this long, elegant French daybed can be enjoyed just about anywhere. Whether it’s fashioned in a art deco fabric, vinyl, or leather, this French accent piece can be placed in hallways, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, reception areas, and even around the pool.

Moving away from clutter and using the least to achieve the most, anyone can fashion a trendy, stylish, and sophisticated home with just a few beautiful modern pieces. If you’re looking for ultra-modern furniture that can cater to minimalism, functionality, and comfort, then you will love our wide range at JOY Furniture.

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