Modern technology has created an immense number of changes in the lives and lifestyles of mankind. The internet allows people across the world to communicate instantly. Many prefer to shop via this medium from the comfort of offices and homes, for anything from shoes to motor vehicles, and food and groceries to furniture, any time of the day or night, every day of the year.

Farewell, Old Technology

The devices with which online and wireless (satellite enabled) communication takes place have also undergone radical changes. One doesn’t necessarily require a desktop computer. Gone are the brick-like mobile phones of a two odd decades ago, replaced by small, slim, light weight models, equipped with remarkably good cameras, music playing capabilities and wireless internet connectivity.

Various mobile devices allow one to perform a variety of functions, including watching television, whilst the TV screen may be used for a number of alternate purposes too. However, it’s not only their functionality that’s changed. As with other technology, the face of TV has undergone enormous transformation too.

In America, very early television sets were built into wooden or veneered consoles, which took pride of place in the lounge as a piece of furniture. Later on, they appeared in a dedicated TV room, a feature often encountered in South African homes.

Yesterday’s rather ugly, chunky and cumbersome, heavy-weight TVs have been transformed into sleek, very attractive, thin flat or curved screens, initially utilising LCD and lately, LED technology. HD (high definition) is rapidly making way for Ultra HD, unheard of concepts a few years ago.

The Art of Modern Design

Today’s TVs are fine examples of modern, minimalist design art, virtually commanding the right to be displayed, much like well designed furniture. Screens may be detached from the stand and mounted on the wall (like a work of art), or placed as is on the surface of the cabinet.

New cabinets have been completely redesigned to accommodate modern TVs. They’re totally unlike their forerunners, which housed and concealed the set behind hinged doors – open for viewing and closed when the set was not in use.

Function of the Latest TV Cabinets

Judging by the clean lines, reflecting pure “less is more” design innovation, one might think that the lovely TV cabinets on offer by us at Joy Furniture don’t need to be functional; they deserve their place in a tastefully furnished room simply because they’re beautiful.

Nevertheless, these pieces do have a functional purpose, in addition to their obvious aesthetic value. Even if your screen is wall mounted or concealed, you still need to accommodate various components and accessories, particularly if you wish to avoid clutter which detracts from the design elements and ambience of the room.

Discreet cabinet storage space conveniently houses remote controls for the TV, games and sound system, as well as the satellite decoder, PlayStation module and sound system components.

Contemporary Design, Uncompromising Quality

At Joy Furniture, we’re passionate about modern design and uncompromising quality, reflected by the materials, workmanship and detailed finish of all our products. Our design teams have taken great care and pride in assembling collections which are perfect for mixing and matching, whilst maintaining a seamlessly co-ordinated, sophisticated impact – masterful design at your very own fingertips.

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