How to Use Modern Sculptures to Add Uniqueness to Your Home

 When you think of modern sculptures for sale, it might bring up images of smooth textures, silhouette figures, or faceless statuettes. When thinking of the sculptures, old names from the Renaissance period might come to mind. Yet, when you browse our range of modern sculptures for sale, you will notice that we have artworks from various genres including classical, minimalism, realism, ultra-modernism, distinctive African works, and many more styles to select from.

When browsing for modern sculptures for sale, keep your home interior in mind, but do not let style constraints limit your creativity. It is rather trendy to blend the classical styles of old with retro, Pan-African, and even modern ultra-minimalistic styles. It is not uncommon to see a modern dining room feature classic sculptures. The secret lies in the correct placement and usage of sculptures to create focus points.

From torso sculptures to celebrations of nature, we have a wide collection of modern sculptures for sale. If you want to add a bit of eastern influence, you will appreciate our unique collections. Combine them with rustic artworks and your living room is set to become a hot spot for cultural conversations.

Maybe you love eclectic influences. If so, you will adore the distinctive pieces in our collection. If that is not your taste, why not opt for a stone and metal combination, bringing modern and eco-focus together? Of course, if you have bought one of our Italian furniture pieces, there is no reason not to add a torso sculpture to your living room. Ensure that you choose one that will spark your imagination.

How to Maximise the Effect of Modern Sculptures in Your Home

We offer an extensive range of modern sculptures for sale. It is up to you to decide how to optimise the stunning pieces in your home. Follow these tips to get the best effects:


A sculpture is a piece of art and as such, it should never become an obstacle. Place it with functionality in mind. You do not want people to knock it over because it is in the way.

Highlight Windows

People tend to look at windows – simply because they provide opportunities to see and admire the outside. Windows connect the interior with the exterior. Placement of one or two selected sculptures near windows ensures that people will notice the artworks. In addition, the light from outside can be used to highlight specific features.

Customised Space

Consider placing the modern sculpture on a customised wall mounted shelve. This way, the sculpture becomes a focus point, but without it being in the way. It becomes something to be admired – as it would in an art gallery.

Add Flair to the Bathroom

Bathrooms don’t only have to feature the essentials for hygiene. Break away from the conventional flowers and vases and add an impressive modern sculpture to the guest bathroom.

Need more inspiration? View our range of modern sculptures for sale and place your order online or visit our showroom for personal assistance.


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