Shake up Your Style and Accent Your Décor with Modern Pedestals

Looking to energise a one-note space, or perhaps bring polish to a not-quite-done room? If you’ve just been given a gorgeous modern pedestal or you’re about to buy one, then you’re about to discover the power of the modern pedestal. A piece that often gets overlooked, pedestals can turn any unloved or forgotten corner into something useful, practical and pretty to look at.

Featuring clean lines and sleek forms, today’s modern pedestals are having their moment, and we couldn’t be happier. Since we’re seeing the return of these refined furnishings and since they are such practical pieces of furniture that can be used for many occasions – we’ve got some décor and styling ideas using modern pedestals that you’re going to love.

  • Pair them with Chairs – a table where conversations take place, meals get enjoyed together, wine glasses touch to make toasts, and where families share their daily highs and lows – there is no denying that the dining table is one of the greatest pieces of furniture ever invented, but pedestal tables are even better. Versatile, elegant, and great for small spaces, pair them with a set of gorgeous transparent acrylic chairs and your dining area will look polished, clean, stylish and spacious.
  • Cake and Fruit Kitchen Pedestal Stand – a space where function should meet lifestyle, the kitchen is one of the busiest spaces of the home, and a pedestal can make it much easier. Simply find a space in your kitchen as close to the door as possible and keep ready-to-eat fruit or cake on a pedestal.
  • Use it to Display Your Sculptures – sculptures are back in a big way and if you have one or two that you’ve been dying to show to off, there’s no better table than the elegant pedestal. Interestingly, symmetry can turn any standard doorway into a passage, so make the most of yours by placing a matching pair of modern pedestals on either side, showcasing your art.

As South Africa’s top importers, suppliers and furniture trendsetters of an extensive range of modern, contemporary furniture where functionality, elegance and a hint of futuristic inspiration is the epitome of our design – we don’t just offer the most innovative range of Italian-inspired modern and futuristic couches, sofas, beds, chairs, tables, suites, TV cabinets and kids’ furniture, we also offer the most gorgeous selection of modern pedestals.

While tables may not be a big-ticket purchase, they certainly know how to command attention. As the main attraction in any home, as well as the blending element that pulls a space together, if you’re looking for modern pedestals that can enhance minimalism and functionality, then you’ll find our tables irresistible. Whether you want to shake up your style, accent your décor, match it, showcase art, create a cosy indoor our outdoors dining space, or display your favourite plant, the result is always bold when you do it with a modern pedestal. Designed to capture the essence of modern living – we have just the pedestal and night tables you’re looking for.

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