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 One of the recipes for having a good day’s work is having a good night’s sleep beforehand. Many people believe that a good eight hours of sleep will get you through any day, while the nocturnal souls can rarely manage a solid five hours of sleep. Regardless of how many hours of sleep you prefer before the working day begins, you will always need a comfortable place to rest your body and mind at night. The modern range of beds and mattresses we have for sale offer a wide selection of comfort and luxury to ensure a fantastic night’s rest for your body and mind. Natural products have their advantages. Comfy Bamboo Sheets is an amalgamation of natural, comfortable, and luxurious.

Modern Beds for Sale

 The modern bed in a box design we have for sale are simply unique and stunning – drawing the attention of the bedroom to a central focal point. An excellent example is the modern designer bed that includes side storage functions and a wooden side pedestal. This model provides a high-rise headrest to deliver a couch-like feel, with luxurious support for your back and head. The wooden side pedestal is perfect for books and beverages, should you prefer some entertainment before going to sleep, with a little seat at the end of the bed to provide an ideal place for sitting while putting on some footwear before heading out.

Modern Mattresses for Sale

 What would a stunning bed be without a modern mattress accompanying it? Our range of modern mattresses includes round and memory foam versions for those unique modern bed designs, alongside the rectangular models as well. With anti-bacterial and high-density options thrown into the mix, you will have no problem finding the ideal modern mattress to fit your bed and sleeping preferences.

At JOY Furniture, we offer more than just modern beds and mattresses for sale. For more information, feel free to peruse our website for images and prices, or contact us with any enquiries. Choose JOY Furniture and let us ensure that you get some quality sleep.

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