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 Nothing comes close to resting your body on a luxury L-shape sofa at the end of a long day at work, giving your back some much-needed rest and kicking your feet up while throwing on your favourite television show to unwind and relax, and putting the day’s stress behind you. Should you be looking for the ideal place to shop for one of these luxury L-shape sofas, JOY Furniture offers a variety of theses sofas to choose from, along with modern dining room tables, beds, and other luxury furniture pieces to not only breathe some fresh life into your rooms, but also add your personal style in each of your rooms. Let’s have a look at some of our pristine sofas we have for sale.

Luxury L-Shape Sofas

 This design and style of sofa came to life out of the need to have more comfort by providing room to extend your legs, without having a foot stool that might cramp the style of the living room. Our selection of luxury L-shape sofas does not only include customisable options for certain pieces, but also a wide selection of differently styled pieces, to ensure that you can find the perfect one for your living room.

Starting with a contemporary approach, the 818B is a modern luxury L-shape sofa that offers a 2-tone finish and elegantly curved arms with built-in display areas to provide that modernistic look and feel. Corrected grain leather upholstery finishes the overall look with style, offering a 5-seater luxury L-shape sofa that can provide some legroom for when you do not host a full house of people. Various colour and material options are available to give you the power of customisation to ensure that your new sofa fits perfectly in your living room.

If you are looking for a more unique approach to luxury L-shape sofas, the 109B model offers a contemporary 2-toned finish over a unique frame design. This 3-seater sofa offers an extension for some legroom and sitting space on the left side, with a kick-out footrest on the right side to give an extra element of luxury and comfort to the person sitting on the opposite end of the sofa as well. As a result, this luxury L-shape sofa can be enjoyed by two people just kicking back and relaxing. Colour options include a red frame with white leather, a dark navy-blue frame with white leather, reverse colouring options on both, and a tan and brown option for an old-school look. The 109B contemporary leather sofa is one of many uniquely shaped furniture pieces we have on offer, perfect for people who like to break the mould and go for something that stands out.

At JOY Furniture, we offer a wide selection of luxury L-shape sofas for sale. We also offer a selection of dining room tables, beds, and kids’ furniture to choose from, so feel free to browse our website for images of our available stock. JOY Furniture offers a comprehensive choice for every piece that you might be interested in, so choose us today and never be limited by choice again when searching for quality furniture.

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