Night-Time Luxury

 Nothing can truly ruin your day like a terrible night’s sleep can, as it will affect your mood and energy levels until you find some sleep again. Although there might be various forces at work to keep you from peaceful sleep, you should not allow your beds and mattresses to add to these factors – rather ensure that your body enjoys their luxury through the night.

Luxury beds and mattresses usually carry a hefty price, but at JOY Furniture, you’ll find that we do not only have a wide selection for sale, but also offer fair prices and stunning quality in our products. The importance of a good night’s sleep cannot be stressed enough, and should be taken into consideration for every hard-working human in a modern society where time slips away too fast to waste any of it. Starting with our beds, let us turn our attention to how you can spend your sleeping hours in pure luxury.

Luxury Beds for Sale

One rarely chooses a bed for its looks, as opposed to choosing one for its feel and overall size. At JOY Furniture, we provide a combination of luxury and beauty with our designer beds for sale. Out of a wide selection, there are two beds that instantly grab your attention when you walk into a room – not only due to their unique designs, but also the luxury they offer.

Modern Designer Bed – JY-06

On sale throughout the month of November 2017, this bed takes luxury to the next level with an innovative design that lowers the bed for a more accessible approach – taking inspiration from the Japanese style of using their furniture. This unique styling provides a modern feel within the room, and is available in various colours and materials to suit your preferences.

 Contemporary Designer Bed – JY-04

Featuring a sloped headboard and built-in light stripes on the base of the bed, this luxury model is designed to impress and show off some flair in the bedroom. A contemporary design means that this model is also lowered, with various colour and material options to choose from. Both these luxury beds are available in all sizes, ranging from single to super king, and will be on sale throughout this month.

Luxury Mattresses for Sale

 Having a luxury bed without any mattress, is like having a Mercedes without an engine, and this is where JOY Furniture’s selection of luxury mattresses will provide an answer. We have some unique choices for sale, starting with the incredibly versatile Memory Foam Intelligent Mattress. Made from high-quality knitted fabric and memory foam, this is one of the most innovative luxury mattresses you can buy, and is available in double, queen, king, and super king sizes, with an extra-length option as well.

If you prefer to break the mould and go for a round mattress, the R1 Boris is ideal for you. One of only a few round luxury mattresses for sale at JOY Furniture, the R1 Boris is made of brocade fabric and a 2-cm, high-density foam to ensure the utmost comfort and luxury while sleeping.

JOY Furniture only provides the best luxury beds and mattresses for sale, presenting the perfect combination between comfort and style. Get yours today, and sleep like a king!

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