Sleep in Heavenly Luxury

 Nothing compares to hitting the bed after a very long day to get some proper sleep before doing it all over again. Having access to luxury beds and mattresses for sale prompts one to find that perfect bed and mattress to enjoy a restful night’s sleep on. If you are looking for an easier way to browse through luxury beds and mattresses, JOY Furniture is the ideal place for you. Our variety caters for just about any style, design, and colour you are looking for, with more than enough options to fit your preferences and your bedroom.

The Designer Bed

 When it comes to luxury beds for sale, the Designer Bed is one of the most viable options. Simplistic in design, this bed offers high sideboards to increase the overall comfort for a better night’s sleep. The bed is for sale with a couple of options, which include material, colour, and size options to choose from. The material options consist of choosing between a fabric bed, and a leather and micro fibre bed, depending on your preference. The colour options are open, as you can choose any colour you like, in order to ensure that the bed will go with the colour scheme of your bedroom. Regarding size, the Designer Bed is for sale in ¾, D, K, Q, S, and SK sizes, giving you a versatile choice for an ideal bed.

The Modern Bed

 Should you prefer luxury beds with rounded finishes, the Modern Bed is for you. This round-shaped bed set is perfect for a modern feel, and will provide endless hours of comfortable and luxurious sleep. The material options include a choice between a leather and micro fibre bed, or a tufted fabric bed. The colour options are up to you, with size options including ¾, D, K, Q, S, and SK. The Modern Bed is certainly one of the more viable options of luxury beds for sale, and can be ordered to suit your preference with ease.

The R1 BORIS Round Mattress

 Although most mattresses are usually rectangular, the R1 BORIS is a round luxury mattress for sale at a very competitive price. This mattress consists of brocade fabric and cotton, featuring 2-cm high-density foam, 2-layer cotton felt, and Bonnell springs. This mattress is 24 cm thick, and features medium firmness to ensure that your body gets enough support throughout the night.

At JOY Furniture, we offer stunning luxury beds and mattresses for sale. For more options, feel free to peruse our website. We also offer online catalogues to give you a complete and comprehensive range to choose from. Apart from beds and mattresses, we also offer other furniture pieces for your living and dining rooms, as well as some pieces for the kids. Please contact us today if you have any enquiries, and enjoy the freedom and luxury of online furniture shopping without the drag of driving from shop to shop to find the perfect bed or mattress. We look forward to assisting you.

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