Putting the JOY Back in Furniture

 A typical upper-class household in Johannesburg features a selection of various exotic and luxurious furniture in every room, with designer beds and leather sofas for the adults to enjoy. Although these stunning furniture pieces can easily provide high levels of comfort for any adult, they do not particularly cater for the children in the house, and this is where JOY Furniture has a solution. We have a wide range for sale that tailors to your children’s needs.

Our JOY Kids Range

 Our JOY Kids range has exactly what you are looking for regarding kids’ furniture for sale in Johannesburg, with beds and sofas that are not only made with their needs in mind, but also feature unique aspects that will get your kids excited for bedtime and relaxing on their favourite chair. The choices are endless for furnishing your daughter’s room, with various pink and cute items for sale, but what happens if you have a boy in need of some furnishing in his room?

First, we start with his bed. As any member of the male gender in Johannesburg can relate to – men love cars – and JOY offers the perfect sleeping solution for any boy – a car-shaped bed! We have two uniquely-shaped beds for sale that are ideal for your little boy, with the AE013 available in red for that unique Ferrari-like style, and the AE006 available in yellow for a more Lamborghini-like feel. Both of these models offer exciting designs, and will add unparalleled levels of cool to your boy’s room.

Next up, we should add a chair or two. Kids’ furniture should be exciting and colourful, and by sticking with the car theme, we take a look at the SF34 sofa. This model is very simplistic in design, with a screaming red base colour that will light up his room and complement his car-shaped bed with a white racing stripe running through the middle of the cushion. A stunning car decal is featured on the backrest, establishing the car theme in his room even more and delivering the ideal style for your little car enthusiast.

Speaking about decals, our JOY Kids range also feature a selection of various 20×20-cm vinyl prints that can be put on these pieces to make them even more kid-friendly. Should you be interested in adding a print to a piece of furniture, you can access and view the whole selection on our website, making the JOY Kids range one of the most unique furniture ranges for sale in Johannesburg.

At JOY Furniture, you cannot go wrong with our various selections of luxury beds and sofas, with more than enough options to excite you and your kids with potential future additions in your rooms. We also offer interior design and lighting solutions in and around Johannesburg, to ensure that your home does not only look amazing, but fits your style and preference. If you want endless choices and amazing quality in furniture for sale, you will find no better place than JOY Furniture to fulfil your needs. Feel free to browse our website for details and images on everything we have on offer, or contact us directly and place your order today.

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