Convincing Reasons to Shop for Italian Furniture for Sale in South Africa

 If a modern interior look is what you are after then you are at the right place. We offer premium quality Italian furniture for sale that will surely give your house the elegance it deserves. We will briefly take a trip down memory lane to find out more about the history and design of Italian furniture, giving you an idea of the quality you can expect.

Trip Down Memory Lane

 From 1910 to 1920, Italian furniture design was very similar to that of the French. They used bizarre materials to create amazing items. By 1926, a new style of design immerged in Italy. It was called rationalism and was a simpler and less detailed style.

Various Top Italian Contemporary Designers Made Their Mark on The World of Furnishings:

  • Gio Ponti became famous for many things in the 1940s. He studied as an architect and his designs ranged from furniture to buildings.
  • In the 1950s, Achille Castiglione became the next big name in the furniture design world.
  • Joe Colombo ruled the 1960s when it came to furniture design. He created a chair entirely out of ABS plastic. It was one of the first ABS plastic chairs to be mass-produced. ABS stands for acrylonitrile butadiene styrene.
  • The year 1970 brings Gae Aulenti to mind. This extraordinary woman created amazing furniture with her own unique signature style.
  • Finally, in the 1980s, Ettore Sottsass was the designer to be. He was also a photographer and a real Romeo with the ladies.

Why Look for Italian Furniture?

 If you do not know much about Italian furniture and the appeal of the designs from the land where many famous artists made their debuts during the Renaissance, you must wonder why furniture from Italy is considered in vogue. For starters, the Italian designers and manufacturers are known for their focus on quality. In addition, due to the exclusiveness of imported Italian furniture we offer for sale, you can be assured of the uniqueness in your home. Here are some more reasons to browse through our range of Italian furniture for sale:

  • Attention to detail in the designs is something that is well appreciated by discerning buyers. Italian manufacturers are very particular about this. They are passionate about many things, which is partly why they create such remarkable products.
  • The Italian manufacturers only use high-grade materials. Therefore, you can rest assured knowing that spilling a small drink will not cause permanent damage if cleaned up immediately.
  • Italians, much like everybody else, love variety. Therefore, the option to customise furniture is generally quite appealing. Furniture in various colours, shapes, and sizes provide for the necessary variety to ensure that your home decor needs are met.

With an extensive range of Italian furniture for sale, we make it possible to furnish your entire home in style. Spice up your home with imported, high quality furnishings to add a bit of European inspiration to your home. The manufacturers are as passionate about style and quality as you are about the elegance of your home. View our range of Italian furniture for sale and visit our showroom or place your order online.

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