How to Move your Luxury Leather Couches

If you own leather couches that are quite sizeable, you know moving them can be a real hassle. If you want to move your sofa from one room to the other, it is likely that it must fit through a narrow doorway. In a case like this, nothing can be worse than damaging a brand new chesterfield while rearranging the house. Protecting those expensive luxury leather couches should be priority number one.

Tips for Moving Luxury Leather Couches Safely

Rearranging your home should be a fun and exciting task. However, with the risks involved, it can be a daunting challenge. You or your precious luxury leather couches can suffer damage in the process. If you feel like changing things up, then follow the tips below for moving luxury leather couches safely.

Tools You Will Need

Whether you are moving a fancy settee sofa or an old English roll arm, you need some tools for the job. Use a notepad and pen, and draw the layout intended. You can also use this to write down the measurements later. Do not forget a measuring tape. Using gloves is never a bad idea, as well as using sofa covers to protect that luxury leather chaise lounge. You can invest in a moving blanket, which can be slipped underneath the couch or another furniture piece to move it across the vinyl or tile floor. The blanket is also useful for covering your luxury leather couch while moving it.

What to Measure?

Well, simply measuring all the furniture that you want to move is a good start. Measure the available space, including walk space in front and behind the luxury leather couches. You have to check the sizes of all the doorways, hallways, and staircases if you are moving pieces to other rooms in the house. If you are only rearranging the living room, then you still have to measure the space between the floor and chandeliers, or any other possible obstacles. You do not want to accidently break something that is expensive or irreplaceable.

What Type of Protection Should Be Used?

If you are scared that the luxury leather couches might be damaged, protect the items with sofa covers. If you are extra paranoid, add some bubble wrap or cardboard at the edges. Remove lamps, vases, books, and anything else that can be a tripping or bumping hazard.

Get Some Muscle

Do not try to do everything on your own. Hire help or ask your friends to assist. The more, the merrier. You can even get professionals to do it all for you if you would rather be relaxing than doing the hard work. Picking up any sofa is at least a two-man job, even if it is a lightweight sofa.

Rearranging your home from time to time keeps the interior fresh and inviting. Just remember to be careful. Of course, after all the rearrangement, you might very well find that you have more space available. Make use of the opportunity to fill the space with one of our luxury leather couches.

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