Facelift Your Furniture Style with these Hot Home Furniture Deals

Need to revisit your furniture style? Looking for some modern home furniture deals to help you do it? Well, you’ve come to the right place. They say that a change is as good as a holiday and if you’re thinking of remodelling your home or business space, then you’re going to be mightily impressed by the incredible furniture deals at JOY Furniture.

Beautiful Designs at up to 40% Off this December

As arguably South Africa’s leading importer and supplier of Italian-inspired contemporary furniture that has achieved remarkable success over the years with modern lifestyle living, our range of designer furniture creates a scene of elegance that is impossible to beat. While functionality, style, and comfort make our modern furniture the perfect choice for your home or office, we also cater for affordability. Yes, we make it our priority to offer beautiful designer pieces at the most competitive prices, and are currently offering up to 40% off on quite a few of our beautiful designs. Whether you’re looking to change or complement, here are a few of the home furniture deals you can expect to find at JOY Furniture.


Contemporary Curved, Round, and Slanted Post-Modern Leather Beds


If you’re looking for a bed that can both make a style statement and offer superior comfort, then there is nothing that quite beats the rich aroma and luxurious comfort of a leather bed. Indisputably the most stylish and sophisticated bed frame in today’s furniture marketplace, our Italian-inspired modern leather beds are not only crafted using superior and sophisticated materials, but they can also be found in just about every hue and texture imaginable.

Modern Leisure Chairs

Having evolved in leaps and bounds over the last 100 years, leisure chairs have the ability to dictate the style and image of any interior they grace. Appealing to the avant-garde consumer who dares to be different, our modern leisure chairs not only look like innovative works of art, but they also offer superior comfort. Fashioned using the most sophisticated materials and upholstered in superior quality fabrics like vinyls and 100% genuine textured leathers, our leisure chairs can be found in shades that range from light blue, elephant red, orange black, white, yellow, and dark brown, to cream.

Timeless L-Shape Leather or Vinyl Sofa Sets

Originating from the 1900s modernist movement, our Italian-inspired sofa sets are the ideal option to enhance the chic and appeal of any home, apartment, or business reception area. Highlighting minimalism at its best, our sofas showcase European styles that boast clean, straight lines with long, thin metal or wooden legs. Engineered using modern, lightweight materials, all our sofas are fashioned in the highest quality 100% genuine leathers and the most opulent variety of modern luxury fabrics and vinyls available.

So, for the best home furniture deals in South Africa, as well as an extensive range of pioneering JOY kids’ furniture, contact us today.  Once you view our home furniture deals, you will be blown away. In fact, we know that you will never want to shop anywhere else again!

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