The Future of Furniture

 If you are looking for one of the simplest and easiest luxury furniture stores to buy your home furniture from, JOY Furniture is simply the best in selling anything you need regarding home living. With quality approved leather being used on all our leather products, you can have the peace of mind that your order will be of top quality and durable.

At JOY Furniture, we also have a wide selection of lighting and sculpture products to choose from. These products aim to complement your furniture, and create unique and special moods in your rooms. We also offer our expert services for interior design, and run a full designer membership programme alongside it.

Designer Membership Programme

 Few luxury furniture stores offer what this programme brings to the table, which is viable for anyone in the fields of interior design, architecture, hotel groups, and guest house management. Members of this programme will receive certain benefits in the form of tiered designer pricings, seasonal product previews, and invitations to private design events. If you are interested in applying for membership, please find more information regarding this subject on our website.

Our Range of Products

 When entering luxury furniture stores, you are likely to find commonly used furniture pieces like sofas, leisure chairs, and dining room sets for sale, with the demo models ready to serve as a showcasing display. Although this type of shopping is tried and tested, most of the shopping done in today’s time is online. This is where JOY Furniture can give you the option to go online and browse for a certain style and design that will fit your house and your budget perfectly.

Most of our furniture pieces are available in various colour and material options for a customised feel. It is very important to portray your own style through the design in your house, and now you can add customised furniture pieces into the mix for the perfect setup in your living room.

Our range of dining room chairs and tables will leave an everlasting impression on your guests, and will bring life back into the kitchen and dining room with top-quality furniture for you to choose from. Some of our dining tables are uniquely designed and can inspire a certain atmosphere and style in your dining room. This can create a very enjoyable experience when inviting your family and friends to dinner as well.

We also offer beds, matrasses, and night stands for your bedroom – one room in your house that will always have your special touch on it. Create your own unique mood with the perfect bed to serve as the central focal point, and expand on it with our selection of night stands to complement the colours and styles you like.

JOY Furniture is one of the best luxury furniture stores to buy from, and our wide range of products will have you wishing you had a bigger budget to afford even more of our amazing furniture pieces. Feel free to browse our website for images and prices on all our products.

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