3 Reasons to Choose JOY Furniture as Your Furniture Manufacturer

Searching the market for a furniture manufacturer that can offer durable, contemporary furniture that will last for years? Ever noticed how you buy something really expensive and then three years down the line, it’s broken or it looks old. The truth is – from electronics to clothes and furniture – nothing lasts the way it should. But it doesn’t have to be this way. If you’re looking to buy a piece of furniture that will last forever and are looking for a renowned furniture manufacturer, then turn to JOY Furniture.

#1 A Furniture Manufacturer at the Forefront of Italian Designer Furniture

Renowned as the leading trendsetters, manufacturers, importers and suppliers of the most innovative and progressive furniture range in South Africa – we simply drive innovation forward by consistently only showcasing the best, newest and most refreshing designs. Designed with the latest design ideas, and fashioned using the most progressive and sophisticated materials that include leather, metal, Perspex and opulent textiles – we’re all about choices.

At JOY Furniture, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to our innovative futuristic furniture styles, variety of materials, and not to mention, our assortment of colours and prices all under one roof. We offer mid-century sofas, recliners, luxury chairs, corner couches, sectionals, stools, ottomans, dining room tables, pedestals, TV cabinets, headboards, coffee tables, side tables and bedroom furniture.

#2 We Make Online Shopping Easy

At JOY Furniture, we make online shopping super easy. Boasting a website that has been designed to make your online shopping experience as convenient and accommodating as possible – our catalogue is quite extensive, which means that there is something for everyone’s taste and budget. Simply browse through our product catalogue and make your selection from numerous colours to see how a particular piece of furniture will look in your space. Additionally, if you need assistance, our team of interior decorators will work with you to find that perfect piece that will fit flawlessly with your décor and style.

#3 Exceptional Quality Craftsmanship with Top Guarantees

It goes without saying that when selecting a furniture manufacture, be sure to choose the one that can offer you the highest quality furniture with top guarantees in place. Promoting excellence in manufacture and service, customers that choose JOY Furniture enjoy peace of mind. Not only are all our manufacturing processes and raw materials certified and rated against internationally recognised quality standards, but our furniture designs are also exclusive, durable and beyond compare. Whether you’re looking for a red mid-century leather couch or a chrome and glass TV cabinet, you can always count on our exceptional quality craftsmanship and guarantees. Boasting pieces that are light, simple, and precision engineered to serve a purpose, our furniture is well known for its endurance and durability, which makes our furniture an excellent long-term investment

Homogenous, sleek, stylish, free flowing, polished and geometric – whether you’re looking for a chrome and glass coffee table, a black and white post-modern round leather bed, or a red mid-century leather or vinyl sofa, all our modern furniture represents minimalism, functionality, durability and comfort. Make the right choice and choose a furniture manufacturer at the forefront of modern designer furniture. Choose JOY Furniture.

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