Searching the Pretoria furniture market for the most innovative range of futuristic modern furniture, but not having much luck? Renowned for offering striking designs that are unique, elegant, stylish and enduring – if there is one type of furniture style that can do and say it all, modern furniture wins, hands down. While you may know what pieces you’re after, finding the right furniture manufacturer can be another story. Whether you live in a loft apartment in the middle of Sandton or on a golf estate in Gauteng, selecting the right furniture manufacturer is made so much easier when you partner with JOY Furniture in Pretoria. Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll find.

Asymmetrical, Square, Slanted, Curved & Round Beds

Getting a good night’s sleep is more than essential to wellbeing and health, and with so much time invested in this mysterious state, it’s more than important that your bed is comfortable, stylish and of superior quality. If its elegance, sophistication, quality and comfort that you’re looking to bring into your bedroom, then you’ll be blown away by our range of bed styles and colours. From asymmetrical, square, slanted and curved, to post-modern round beds with recliner features and sophisticated storage facilities – we have it all!

Leather, Vinyl or Fabric Sofas, Couches and Chairs

Renowned for pushing boundaries, while staying true to both modernism and tradition – we have modern sofas, luxury chairs and contemporary couches to suit both the contemporary and the classic taste. You will find L-shaped corner sofas, modular sectional, mid-armchairs, ottomans, recliners, luxury designer chairs and mid-century couch designs fashioned in the highest quality genuine leathers, vinyl, and the most opulent selection of printed and neutral luxury fabrics.

Striking Multifunctional Pedestals, Side Tables and Coffee Tables

While tables may not be a big-ticket purchase, they certainly know how to command attention. As the main attraction in any home, as well as the blending element that pulls a space together, if you’re looking for pedestals, side tables, coffee tables and dining tables that can enhance minimalism, functionality and comfort, then you’ll find our tables irresistible. Having partnered with some of the top Italian furniture designers in the world that share the same vision as we do, whatever shape and style you can imagine, you will most definitely find it in our catalogue. Sleek, polished and multifunctional, styles range from traditional to contemporary and are fashioned in materials that include MDF wood, glass and stainless steel.

Stylish Contemporary TV Cabinets

A treasured space that sets the tone for the home, every modern entertainment room deserves a stylish contemporary TV cabinet. Having come a long way, today’s TV cabinets have the command to both add a spark of polish and make your décor theme flow effortlessly throughout the room, which is exactly the type of cabinets that you will find at JOY Furniture. Engineered to complement any type of décor, we offer a variety of Italian-designed symmetric, asymmetric and floating wall TV cabinets that can be found in MDF wood, aluminium, Perspex and glass.

If you’re looking for a furniture manufacturer in Pretoria that can cater to minimalism, functionality and comfort, then you’ve found it at JOY Furniture. Combining affordability, practicality, comfort, sophistication and elegance, all while staying true to form and function, our range will definitely impress. View our online catalogue and contact us today.

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