A Furniture Manufacturer in Johannesburg at the Forefront of Modern Furniture Design

Looking to make a style statement in your home? Invest in modern furniture. Today, more than ever, modern furniture is dominating interior design. Modern furniture is the new breed of furniture for the 21st-century lifestyle. Whether you are looking to facelift a house in the country or a luxury loft apartment in the city, modern furniture can transform the look and feel of any space it graces. Placing great emphasis on crisp geometric shapes, sleek organic curves, clean architectural lines, and contrasting materials, the best modern furniture is precisely engineered works of art that highlight form, function, comfort, and minimalism. Not only are these pieces designed to be simple and durable, but to serve a specific purpose as well. 

Yes, modern furniture is the new breed of furniture for 21st-century living, and if you are looking to introduce style to your home, what are you waiting for? If you are looking for a modern furniture manufacturer in Johannesburg that can bring minimalism, functionality, and comfort into your home, then you have found it at JOY Furniture.

Our Modern Furniture Caters to Minimalism, Functionality, Comfort, and Class

Synonymous with the modern lifestyle, we are celebrated as South Africa’s leading online furniture manufacturer of arguably the most innovative and progressive furniture range available in Johannesburg. Renowned for driving innovation forward by only showcasing the latest Italian-inspired designs, we boast a truly remarkable range.

Asymmetrical Square, Slanted, and Curved, to Post-Modern Round Bed Designs

Staying true to modernism, we have taken design elements from the past to create beds for the future. Offering a wide range of beds that will fit in perfectly with your lifestyle, space, décor, and budget, our bed styles range from asymmetrical, square, slanted, and curved, to post-modern round. Fashioned in a variety of luxury leathers, take your pick from low-profile beds, platform beds, Italian fashion beds, and contemporary low-height beds, to our novel kid’s fantastical beds that are complemented with recliner features, sophisticated storage facilities, and modern headboards.

Couches, Sofas, Ottomans, Stools, and Luxury Chairs

Fêted as the heart and soul of a living room, entertainment room, office, and reception area, there really is no better way to complement and transform a space. We offer a wide selection of superior quality chesterfields, loveseats, luxury armchairs, dining chairs, mid-century sofas, modular L-shaped sectionals, ottomans, recliners, stools, and so much more.

TV Cabinets, Pedestals, Side Tables, Dining Tables, and Coffee Tables

We have partnered with top Italian furniture designers who share the same vision as we do, and it can be seen in our Italian-inspired range of TV cabinets, pedestals, side tables, dining tables, and coffee tables. Multifunctional, decorative, and often the focal point of any space they grace, our range can be ordered in wood, aluminium, Perspex, and glass, and is offered in a variety of futuristic geometrical shapes.

Proud to be the leading furniture manufacturer in Johannesburg, we showcase modern furniture designs that evoke the future, yet hint at the past. Whether you are looking for a geometric stainless steel and glass coffee, an asymmetrical slanted leather bed, or a white vinyl mid-century sofa, all our modern furniture represents minimalism, functionality, durability, and comfort. View our 2017 online catalogue today.

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