Beautiful Creations in Gauteng

 When it comes to finding a manufacturer of quality furniture in Gauteng, various options come to mind. Buying high-end furniture will always involve customisation options for the client, which means that the manufacturer should present various options that aren’t just limited to size alone, but also involve colour selection and, in some instances, material selection.

This is where JOY Furniture becomes a viable option when looking for a furniture manufacturer in Gauteng, offering a wide range of sofas, beds, dining room tables, and more to choose from and customise to your preference. Your house should be filled with furniture pieces that not only express your personal taste in style, but also fit your home and tie the rooms together. One of the most important furniture pieces is the bed. Beds are the centrepieces of our bedrooms and we spend a third of our day sleeping on them.

French Vintage Beds

 JOY Furniture offers a range of French-styled vintage beds that will provide a nostalgic sense of upper-class aristocracy to your bedroom. As a furniture manufacturer in Gauteng, we present these amazingly styled beds with various colour and material options to choose from. The T-HS05A model is a bed that represents a classical French vintage style with a modern twist. A custom-shaped headboard with crystal buttons and exposed wood oozes unique beauty and style, with various colour and material options to add your unique touch to it. This bed is 220 cm in length and 226 cm wide, giving you all the space in the world to enjoy.

Should you be looking for the ultimate French royal style in your bedroom, our T-CH1719 bed provides all of this and more with an amazing design to flaunt your taste in furniture. As a furniture manufacturer, it is always of paramount importance to pair the ideal materials with certain styles, which is why this bed is available in leather. It features an elegantly styled headboard and footboard with exposed wood carved to not only enhance the look and style of the bed, but also to provide a sense of proper craftsmanship. This bed is ideal for even the most successful people living in Gauteng. With a total length of 242 cm and a total width of 226 cm, you will be more than comfortable when dozing off to sleep for those important 8 hours before starting a brand-new day. This bed is also available in various colour and material options to ensure that you can put your own personal touch on it to make it stand out and be the centrepiece it should be in your bedroom.

JOY Furniture is a manufacturer in Gauteng with various options for your home. Whether you are looking for unique beds and sofas for your kids’ rooms, modern luxury sofas for the living room, specific styles of dining room tables, or even some outdoor options, we have what you seek.

For more information, feel free to peruse our website for images and prices of our products, or contact us directly with any enquiries.

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