Possibly the busiest time of the year for everyone – if you’ve just had a full house of friends, family and young children over the festive season, then you’ll agree that your lounge suite is that one piece of furniture that took the worst beating. Along with all the food, drink, dirty feet, dog hair and constant traffic, your fabric lounge suite is probably filthy right about now. But that’s okay because we’re here to tell you exactly how to get it back to its pre-festive season self with these top 2 easy do-it-yourself fabric upholstery cleaning tips.

#1 Remove Acidic Spills with Soda Water

Did you know that most spills, such as wine, coffee and tomato sauce, are acid-based? What this means is that they can leave nasty permanent stains that absorb deep into the fabric fibres, which is why you should never use water and soap to remove them. Most people don’t know this, but by wetting these types of stains with water, it activates the pH and makes the stain acidic once again. When it comes to these types of stains, often the best solution can be found with the cheapest ingredient, and club soda is one of them. 100% effective in neutralising and removing just about any type of acidic stain – simply dab the fabric sofa or couch with the soda water and leave it to work its magic. Not only will soda water neutralise the spill but it will also absorb the stain as much as possible. In cases where ink and nail polish have been splashed onto the fabric – contact upholstery cleaners immediately!

#2 Remove Bad Odours and Urine with Baking Soda

Getting your fabric lounge suite back to its pristine pre-festive season self is definitely going to require a thorough cleaning, but cleaning a fabric lounge suite can be a difficult task. In fact, some attempts can actually do more harm than good. If it needs a serious clean to remove bad odours or even pet and urine stains, then baking soda is just what you need to get the job done right. Easy, effective and 100% safe on all types of fibres – simply pour baking soda directly onto the smelly or stained areas and allow it to sit on the fabric for at least 2 hours. Where areas are severe, make sure that the baking soda is layered on thick enough so that you can’t see the actual fabric underneath. Keep it covered with a cotton cloth so it won’t be disturbed, and let it sit overnight. Once the baking soda has had a chance to absorb smells and break up the soiled areas and stains, use the hose attachment of your vacuum cleaner to get the baking soda off the couch. If by some reason this does not do the job, then this is where you need to consult with specialist upholstery cleaners.

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