Your home is your castle, your sanctuary and your safe haven, the place to which you retire at the end of each busy day to relax, regenerate your spirit, mind and body, leaving behind the day’s worries and woes. How you choose to spend your “me” or family time is entirely up to you when you’re away from demanding bosses, deadlines, traffic jams and uniformly boring, often uncomfortable office furniture.

The interior of every home is unique, even in developments where most dwellings appear to be virtual carbon copies of one another when viewed from the outside, whilst their interior floor plans are identical. What makes the difference? What makes one stand out from its neighbour, once you enter through the front door?

Impact of Furniture

Unquestionably, the answer lies in the furniture, décor and personal touches, be they treasured family heirlooms, the latest cutting-edge designs or a tasteful combination of old and new. The secret lies in how you put it all together, although most people prefer one or the other style of home décor.

Either way, whether one makes use of the services of a professional interior designer or one chooses to take the DIY route, the most distinctive, memorable rooms always reflect the essence and personal style of the dwelling’s inhabitants, and therein lies their appeal and charm.

Because today’s South Africans are exposed to the latest international influences and trends as never before, certain local designs are on par with those from abroad, while others are trendsetters in their own right. Best of all, great design is available in SA, be it locally produced or fully imported.

Free-Spirited, Unconventional Approach

There’s also a new appreciation of modern, clean and pure design lines, such as those which are beautifully exemplified by the distinctive furniture collections offered by us at Joy Furniture.

In fact, at Joy Furniture, we take pleasure in pushing the boundaries of furniture design on behalf of customers who prefer to surround themselves with that which is unconventional, without sacrificing good taste and superior quality, most reassuring for valued, discerning DIY customers.

For your convenience, our website provides clear images, accompanied by measurements, making it a breeze to undertake basic space planning from the comfort of your home. If you’ve seen a specific item that you really want but can’t find in our current range, email us a photograph; we’ll gladly do our best to source the piece for you.

Lighting Up After Dark

People often forget that lighting is another vital component of interior décor. Once the sun sets and darkness descends, lighting is far more than mere functionality in a modern home. Daytime’s bright, airy room takes on a totally different guise and ambience after dark, depending on the type of lighting and the placement and style of light fittings.

With this in mind, we also offer a unique range of contemporary light fittings to complete the picture – day or night. Again, your selection is made easy via our website.

Handy DIY Payment Plans

No need to take out a second bond in order to acquire exclusive home décor to fit in with your furniture. We’ve put together an instalment plan for DIY enthusiasts, while we also accept cash, credit cards, Lay-Buy and Mobicred payments.

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