Ring That Dinner Bell

 The importance of dinner tables and chairs can be seen throughout any movie and television show in history, with people gathering for a feast at the end of a very long day. Whether it is the Dwarven gathering at Bilbo’s house before setting off to the Misty Mountains, or simply the Scottish delight of Billy Connolly doing the voice-over for King Fergus at the dinner table in Brave, we find that an evening spent around the table, is a glorious one indeed.

Luckily, the times of living in big castles with chairs made from stone, has passed. Luxury has become one of the essential focal points for dinner tables and chairs, with a collection of designs to fit perfectly in your dining room. Although the television gets all the attention during a regular dinner in most households, some families still enjoy a home-cooked meal every night, while conversing with one another at the dining table, as it should be.

The Perfect Table

 Getting the ideal dining room table, is the first step to having the ideal dinner every evening. If you live in a house with a big and extended family, you will need something to accommodate everyone, as the same would ring true for a newly-wed couple living in a smaller apartment. Another thing to take into consideration is the size of your dining room. You might use the extra floor space of your kitchen, or have a dining room fit for a royal banquette, but your table needs to match the available space as well.

Considering the available space and the number of people in your home, the next step would be to find the right shape for you. Round tables have been a very successful option, as King Arthur proved to us that a round table can be so much more than just an oddly-shaped place to sit at, with rectangular tables being a more viable option for the modern age, depending on the area of your dining room.

After deciding whether you want to be a monarch sitting at the head of the table, or a knight that gathers around his brethren, you need to make the right decision about the material for which your table should be made from. Having a glass top for a dinner table looks beautiful, but is susceptible to breaking with children in the house. Wood is a very popular option, and needs some TLC occasionally, while plastic would be the most affordable and durable option. Once this is taken care of, your only remaining choice lies with the chairs accompanying the dining room table. Luckily, your perfect table will probably have its own set of chairs included!

Dinner tables and chairs have never been this easy to choose from, with JOY Furniture offering a variety of shapes, sizes, and material to fit your dining room or kitchen. Browse our website for images and prices on all our dinner tables and chairs on offer, and contact us if your need any assistance in finding the perfect table for your home.

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