Entertaining the Guests

 When walking into a dining room, your focus will always be on the table, chairs, and in some cases, the table cloth. Dining room tables and sets date back to a time where fresh chickens couldn’t be bought at a grocery store for the evening’s chicken soup, leaving the cook to pull some special magic for flavouring and calling it whatever they wanted to call their concoction. Although times have changed, some dining room traditions still linger in our own culture today.

These traditions have withstood the test of time, and will probably live on through the generations to come as well. They dictate that the head of the house should always sit at the head of the table, and the guests should sit on their dominant side, which is right in most cases. It also dictates the way dinner is served, how the utensils are laid out on the sides of the plates, and how to serve in a proper manner. But enough about that. Let’s talk about style.

Which Style Would Fit?

 Being that different dining room tables and sets have different shapes and sizes, you should always keep your dining room space in mind when choosing your dining table and chairs. Obviously, you would always want the most comfortable chairs and most simplistic table shape to move around it without any problems, but we all know that the choice is never that simple.

Firstly, you need to decide which material you prefer for the table top. Glass tops are beautiful and can be used in creative ways, but they are heavy and would not do good with greasy and messy hands touching them all the time. Marble tops are tough and very rigid, with stunning textures that can be drawn from the marble for an outstanding surface finish. Wooden tops are perfect for extending dining room tables, allowing the option for more guests to sit in case of people coming over for dinner.

Secondly, you need to choose the right chair set to accompany your dining room table. In most cases, you would pick the set that is paired with the table you chose, and buy them as a dining room set together. This is a very viable option, as your chairs would probably feature the same style of design as the table that accompanies them, thus tying the chairs and the dining table together visually, and setting the tone in your dining room. Should you decide to choose a different set of chairs, always take your original dining table into account with regards to shape, height and size.

At JOY Furniture, you will be spoiled for choice with our wide variety of dining room tables and sets – including marble, wood, and glass tops for the tables – with different shapes and sizes to fit perfectly in your dining room. Browse our website for images and pricing on these fantastic dining room tables and sets, or contact us for any information you might need to make your dining room the place to be for dinner!

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