Sleep in Heavenly Peace

 An average human being spends a third of their day sleeping. This means that we spend an average of eight hours per day asleep, which seems like an awful waste of time at first, but makes sense when you wake up refreshed, recharged, and ready to take on the day.

As a result, investing in comfort and luxury that can lead to a better night’s sleep becomes a viable option when browsing for beds, and this is where JOY Furniture has a selection of designer furniture for sale that will not only improve the way you sleep, but also spice up your bedroom with some high-end quality furniture. We also offer a variety of mattresses for people who already have their dream beds, with various shapes and sizes to accommodate almost any type of bed on the market today. Let’s have a closer look at what we can offer you for your bedroom.

The Modern Option

 The JY-06 is a modern-style designer bed with high sideboards to improve overall comfort. A uniquely styled base and frame is what sets this bed apart from other options of designer furniture we have for sale, with various customisable options to ensure that you can put your personal touch on it to fit within your bedroom and meet all your preferences. These include material options, with a wide variety of colours to choose from as well. The available sizes consist of a choice between ¾, D, S, K, Q, and SK. In the end, this modern take on a designer bed can be an eye-catching centrepiece to your bedroom.

The Elegant Option

 The JY-202 offers sleek  elegance and modern style, combined into an amazing piece of designer furniture. Presenting a uniquely shaped and designed base that simply grabs the attention when you walk into the room, this designer bed will certainly stand out from the crowd and soak up every single bit of the spotlight in your bedroom. Various colour and material options are available to allow you some customisation for the ideal bed in your home, making this elegant option viable to fit with any style in your bedroom. Whether you like a darker colour theme or prefer some lighter notes, you can customise this unique piece of designer furniture to fit your every preference.

The importance of sleep cannot be argued away, whether you are a night owl who sleeps throughout the day and lives at night, or wake up when the sun does and go to sleep when darkness falls. Sleep cannot be substituted by anything else either, making the process a necessity for us humans to rest and reset on a daily basis.

At JOY Furniture, we offer various types of designer furniture for sale, including a selection of beds to grant you that peaceful night’s sleep. For more information, feel free to peruse our website for a comprehensive browsing experience of our available furniture pieces, or contact us directly with any enquiries you may have.

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