The Top 2 Modern Couches and Sofas for Sale at JOY Furniture

Today, more than ever, there is no denying that minimalism is the new trend in modern homes and businesses. Streamlined with smooth, sleek and polished surfaces – using the least to achieve the most – anyone can achieve a trendy, stylish and sophisticated space with just a few pieces of modern furniture, one such piece being a couch or a sofa.

Yes, today the spotlight is on modern luxury couches and sofas for sale. Why? Because there is no better way to complement a space than with the right couch or sofa! Whether it is black, white, monochrome or red, and whether it is covered in leather, corduroy, vinyl or some beautiful art-deco fabric – there is no denying that modern couches and sofas are a symbol of class, luxury and sophistication. Boasting superior comfort, form, function, durability and portability – not only are couches and sofas having their moment, but their evolution has only just begun. Here’s a sneak peek at the top two trending modern couches and sofas that can be found at JOY Furniture – South Africa’s leading modern furniture trendsetters and online shop.

#1 The Modern Corner Couch

A multi-piece modern couch that can be taken apart and placed in different spaces around a room, corner couches, also known as modern sectionals, are an extremely popular option for businesses, reception areas, waiting rooms and family living rooms. A space saver that is ideal for those who require maximum seating in smaller spaces – owing to their popularity – there are many designs, sizes, styles and materials to choose from. Popular styles range from traditional straight shapes and curved shapes, to L-shapes, which also come with additional add-on end pieces, such as recliners, chaises and extendable footrests and armrests.

#2 The Mid-Century Sofa

Representing class, style and elegance, and reigning supreme from 1940 to 1970, these timeless sofas are all about symmetry and minimalism. Constructed of modern lightweight materials and fashioned in 100% genuine leathers and art-deco fabrics – mid-century sofas are largely associated with more statement settings, such as in foyers, bathrooms, hallways and lounges, where not much seating is required.

Originating from the 1900s modernist movement, a modern couch or sofa is the ideal option to enhance the chic appeal and image of any contemporary interior, office or home. And they do it well. Designed with the latest innovations and manufactured using the most sophisticated, modern lightweight and durable materials, such as wood inserts and top-grade stainless steel finishes, leathers, vinyl and art-deco textiles – our modern sofas and couches are timeless, classic and contemporary, all in one.

While staying true to modernism and showcasing Italian-inspired designs that suggest the future, yet hint the past – our Italian-designed modern couches and sofas for sale definitely offer something different to be appreciated in any interior. When you buy modern couches and sofas from JOY Furniture, you are buying more than just the best down-filled cushions, unparalleled leathers and hand-tied springs – you are buying style and status.

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