Where to Find Contemporary Leather and Art Deco Couches for Sale in Pretoria

Scouring the Pretoria furniture market for the most contemporary range of leather and art deco couches for sale? Whether you’re redecorating your home or giving your business, office or practice a complete makeover – if it’s quality, class, sophistication, style, comfort and functionality that you’re looking for, then look no further than the wide range of contemporary couches for sale at JOY Furniture.

Recognising a need for luxury, high-quality modern couches in South Africa – we are South Africa’s leading modern furniture trendsetters and online furniture marketplace. Designed and manufactured in the highest quality 100% genuine textured leathers and art deco fabrics that come in just about every colour and shade, our contemporary leather and art deco couches for sale offer sleek lines and elegant clean curves that are impossible to find anywhere else. Here’s a sneak peek of what you can expect to find at JOY Furniture in Pretoria.

The Minimalist Mid-Century Couch

It should come as no surprise to learn that mid-century couches are back in vogue. Reining supreme from 1940 to 1970, these timeless pieces of furniture are all about symmetry and minimalist designs. Constructed by modern lightweight materials and fashioned in 100% genuine leathers and the finest variety of art deco fabrics – we’re proud to boast a truly exceptional range of mid-century modern couches, unlike any other.

The Timeless Chesterfield

A fresh, elegant way to bring a sense of solidity and tradition to a modern room – the chesterfield is enjoying a major comeback. Celebrated for its “quilted” or “tufted” style, there’s something intrinsically luxurious and “old fashioned” about a Chesterfield. While some only have the tufted design on the back and arms, others include it on the seating bench section as well. A style that never seems to become outdated, our Chesterfield couches can be found upholstered in a wide range of top-quality luxury leathers that can be found in just about every shade.

The French Contemporary Chaise Lounge

A piece of furniture that conjures up thoughts of relaxation, reading and day dreaming – there’s no couch like the chaise lounge. Extremely popular throughout contemporary homes and businesses throughout South Africa today, the chaise lounge is a French contemporary couch upholstered in the shape of a daybed. A luxury couch of elegance, sophistication and style, our chaise lounges are ideal for bedrooms, entrance hallways, reception areas and luxury bathrooms, and can even be placed under an enclosed patio. Innovatively crafted to perfection, our chaise lounges have the mastery to define class and will leave you with a sense of style, polish and comfort.

Affordability Makes our Furniture the Perfect Choice

As the focal point of any living room, entertainment space or reception area, our modern couches are the ideal option to enhance the appeal of your space. Appealing to the avant-garde consumer who dares to be different, you’ll find that our couches for sale in Pretoria have not only been designed to look like innovative works of art, but they are also extremely affordable. Whatever type of contemporary couch, chair or sofa you’re looking for – we have the right style, size, shape, material and colour to suit your budget, image and style.

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