2 Reasons Why Buying a Leather Sofa from JOY Furniture Makes Good Sense

Looking to embrace the modern world with a striking, modern, superior quality leather sofa? There is no better way to complement a modern living room or reception area than by investing in a leather sofa. A fabric born of beauty and class, and whether black, blue, white, cream or red – leather sofas are timeless, classic and contemporary all in one and can add sophistication to just about any space they grace. Creating a scene of style and elegance that’s almost impossible to compete with, leather is a long-term investment that can change any space, which is why this is one purchase you really need to get right. A pricey investment that should never be taken lightly – here’s 2 reasons why buying a leather sofa from JOY Furniture makes such good sense.

#1 Our Sofas Come in a Wide Range of Leathers, Styles and Colours

A trend among high-end urban loft living fashionistas, corporates and modern homes throughout South Africa – JOY Furniture showcases the most innovative and progressive Italian-inspired range of leather sofas in all of Africa. Heavily influenced by originality and creativity, our leather sofa styles are unique and cannot be found at any other retail outlets. From classic to contemporary, leather L-shaped corner sofas, modular sectionals, chesterfields and loveseats, to mid-century modern two to three-seaters – our  sofas come fashioned in an assortment of 100% quality genuine textured leathers. Whether you’re looking for a light blue full grain leather sofa or a top grain sofa in the colours elephant grey, red, orange black, white, yellow, dark brown or cream – we have leather sofas to suit just about every type of taste and budget.

#2 Exceptional Quality Craftsmanship with Top Guarantees

It goes without saying that when buying a leather sofa, you need to make sure that you partner with a furniture supplier that can offer the most stylish and trendiest sofas, as well as top-tier quality sofas with excellent guarantees in place. Outshining low-quality leathers and boasting sturdy constructions with elegant clean lines, plush pillows and minimalistic styles – all our manufacturing processes and raw materials are certified and rated against internationally recognised quality standards, best practices and benchmarks. Built on the reputation of both innovation and quality craftsmanship – whether you’re looking for a luxury leather mid-century sofa or a chrome and glass TV stand – you can always count on our exceptional quality craftsmanship and guarantees. In fact, customers that choose JOY Furniture enjoy peace of mind when selecting our brand.

Embrace the Modern World with JOY Furniture

Your home is your castle, and whether it’s modern, classic or traditional, we believe that you deserve to furnish it with the best, and this is exactly what you’ll find at JOY Furniture. Boasting futuristic furniture that is precision engineered to be functional, striking, durable and light-weight – our leather sofas will never go out of style and will always make a lasting impression. Whether you’re looking for a comfortable modular leather sofa, a red art deco upholstered chaise lounge to showcase in your bedroom, or a white mid-century two seater to add class to your showroom or bathroom – it’s time you embraced the modern world with the modern, stylish sofas from JOY Furniture.

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