Buying Furniture on Lay-By

 When it comes to purchasing new furniture, various methods can be used to accomplish such a feat. Usually, people apply for personal loans to finance expensive purchases, thus having to deal with interest rates and paying back the money as soon as possible. This method can end badly when people miss their loan payments to the bank, as repossession is the go-to option for banks to claim back their property. Out of this problem, the lay-by option was born.

When buying on lay-buy, the individual will pay a deposit to secure an article for later purchase and pay monthly instalments on that article until the amount is fully paid off, at which time they will be granted possession of the specific article. This option does not involve any loan from a financial services provider. It only requires that the buyer meet the terms and conditions of their lay-by purchase. Being in the furniture business, JOY Furniture is fully aware that certain pieces of furniture are investments. We therefore offer a valid lay-by option for our clients looking for quality furniture for sale.

Our Lay-By Option

 Sometimes, consumers are interested in buying specific furniture pieces, only to find that they do not have the money available at that specific point in time, but can afford the purchase over time. This is where our lay-by option simplifies the purchase of our furniture pieces for sale, giving the consumers the option of an interest-free purchase method with instalments over time. We offer a lay-by option that stretches over 6 months, where the consumer puts down an initial deposit and we reserve the goods until they are paid in full. The consumer then pays for the specific goods over a period of 6 months, with the option to shorten the period with bigger instalments and have the benefit of interest-free payments until the goods are fully paid for. Once the payments are completed, the consumer receives their goods from us. This is a viable purchase method for those who prefer not to go to an external financial services provider and pay their interest rates.

We Offer Quality Lay-By Furniture for Sale

 At JOY Furniture, we have a wide selection of furniture pieces for sale at lay-by options. Our categories include leather and fabric sofas, mattresses and beds, dining and lighting, and even interior design options to spruce up your home. We also offer a selection of kids’ furniture to choose from, giving the consumer more than enough choices for lay-by purchases. Whether you need to replace your old bed, kick out the worn couch in the living room, or furnish your little one’s brand-new bedroom, we can be of assistance.

For more information, feel free to peruse our website for a selection of furniture that you can purchase on lay-buy, or contact us directly with any enquiries. Let us put the JOY back in your home today, and offer you an interest-free method of monthly instalments to fulfil your furniture dreams.

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