Leather Sofas

 With the start of a new year, many people are looking for new ways to embrace their lives and enrich them with things that make them excited. One of the ways in which you can embrace the new year is by getting rid of that worn out couch or sofa in the living room and replace it with a brand-new leather sofa. If you are in the market for one, JOY Furniture has some beautifully styled options for sale.

The Limited Sofa Range

 When it comes to picking the right sofa for your living room, you want something that not only fits in the room, but also fits with the room. Our range of brand-new leather sofas for sale comes in the form of the limited sofa range, combining style and elegance with comfort and viability to deliver the ideal leather sofa for your living room.

Our first model in this range, is the C6018-3 sofa set. This luxury set will not only provide ample seating in your living room, but also a modern design that can be the centre piece to tie your room together. This set consists of a 3-seater sofa, a 2-seater sofa, a corner piece to fit between the previous two, and a chaise. This brand-new leather sofa set is available in various colour options to ensure that it fits the room and your taste, with colours including white, black, light brown, dark brown, cream, grey, and red.

The second model in this range delivers some tweaks to the design of the first one, with a more simplistic and modern approach. The C6022-1 sofa set also features 2- and 3-seater sofas with a corner piece, and a chaise to tie everything together. This stunning leather sofa set is also for sale with various colour options, including red, grey, cream, black, light brown, dark brown, and white.

The third and final sofa set for sale in this range is the C6024-3. This brand-new leather sofa set combines modern with classic to deliver a set of sofas that is as comfortable to sit on as it is beautiful to look at. This set consists of two 2-seater sofas, a corner piece, and a chaise, with various colour options to choose from as well. The colours include cream, black, light brown, dark brown, white, grey, and red – making this range of brand-new sofas viable for almost any environment.

At JOY Furniture, we offer a wide selection of brand-new leather sofas for sale. Should you want to have a look at what we offer, feel free to peruse our website, where you can find a variety for sale. For more options, check out our online catalogues available on our website, where you will find a more comprehensive collection to choose from. JOY Furniture also provides other luxury furniture pieces, like beds and dining room tables, as well as some stunning living room pieces for sale. If you want more information about any of our furniture items, feel free to contact us directly with your enquiries.

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