Top Reasons to Invest in Luxury Beds for Sale at JOY Furniture

Are you a developer, interior designer or B&B owner looking for a luxury beds supplier in Gauteng that can deliver to Johannesburg? Or are you a homeowner looking to give your bedroom a complete facelift, starting with a new ultra-modern bed? Did you know that we spend about 8 hours a day, 56 hours a week, 240 hours a month and 2 920 hours a year sleeping? If there is one piece of bedroom furniture that you need to get right, it is the bed!

The Importance of a Good-Quality Modern Bed

Essential to our overall wellbeing and health – they say you should buy a new bed every seven years, but if the truth be told, some need to be replaced much sooner. A basic necessity of life, sleep plays an enormous role in boosting the brain and body for a better psychological, physical and emotional tomorrow. While a good 7 hours sleep a night has the power to heal and repair your heart and blood vessels, poor sleep has the power to increase the possibility of developing diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease, high blood pressure, and even a stroke. But that’s just the half of it. The truth is that there is nothing better than waking up in a luxury bed. In fact, we’ll even go as far as to say that it can set the mood for the entire day. If you’re a business owner or homeowner in Johannesburg or anywhere in South Africa, you’re going to want to invest in luxury beds for sale at JOY Furniture.

We Cater to Luxury Hotels, B&Bs and Homes

It’s the 21st century and in this modern-day age, bedrooms are no longer complete without the presence of modern furniture. Today’s architects, interior designers, hotel groups, guest house owners and property developers understand the importance of only using the best and most superior quality beds. Fortunately, having gone through tremendous style transformations over the past decade, from heavy detailed wooden creations to light innovative works of art – there has never been a more exciting time for those who appreciate modern and contemporary beds, and JOY Furniture is where you’ll find them all.

We Are the Leading Trendsetters of Ultra-Modern Furniture

As South Africa’s top furniture trendsetter and online furniture store that can deliver to Johannesburg – staying true to modernism, minimalism, and comfort – we have achieved remarkable success over the years with modern lifestyle living and are proud to boast the most expansive range of contemporary beds for sale in Johannesburg and South Africa.

Upholstered with the finest materials, ranging from upmarket textiles to top-grade leathers – just like a piece of art – the Italian styles with a hint of flair are very evident in our modern beds for sale. Catering exclusively for comfort, style and functionality, our beds range from sleek, futuristic, asymmetrical, square, slanted and curved, to round post-modern with recliner features and sophisticated storage facilities.

We Can Deliver to Your Door in Johannesburg

At JOY Furniture, not only has our online catalogue been meticulously designed to make your online shopping experience easy and convenient, but we also make it really easy for anyone to place their order, make their online payment and have their bed delivered right to their front door, anywhere in Johannesburg. Contact us today.

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