Comfortable and Elegant Beds for the Modern Urban Dweller

 Gauteng is the economical hub of South Africa. People work hard to enjoy comfort and their annual holidays overseas or at one of the coastal towns in South Africa. If there is one province in the country where people appreciate the comfort of quality beds, then it is Gauteng.

Long hours of work, traffic, crime, pressure to climb the corporate ladder, or to manage a business effectively are all reasons why people want quality beds for sale in Gauteng. They need their rest and as such, compromising on bed quality is simply not an option. We recognise the importance of elegance, functionality, practicality, and comfort. Therefore, we do not compromise on any of the above when it comes to our range of beds for sale in Gauteng.

Below is an introduction to our range of beds for sale to give you an idea of the extensiveness and quality of our products.

All-in-One Bed

Available in various colours and with a distinctive leather finish, the All-in-One Bed has an ultra-modern style with various built-in features. It comes with an adjustable computer desk, massage leisure chair, food board storage, safe box, side cabinet, and pedestal. This is the epitome of comfort and elegance suitable for the discerning homeowner. It is available in super king-sized, king-sized, queen-sized, double-sized, or three-quarter-sized.

Modern Designer Bed

Comfort has no end when it comes to our modern designer beds for sale. Choose from various colours and material finishes, sizes and styles. Units come with features such as side storage functions, wooden side pedestals, and more.

French Vintage Bed

Do you love the opulence of French royal homes depicted in movies? Do you wish you could simply turn back the clock to get some of the aristocratic elegance back in modern homes? Then you will adore our range of French vintage beds for sale in Gauteng. The beds are fit for kings and queens, but come with a modern twist in design to ensure that the stylish furniture pieces can fit in well with the modern classical surrounds of 21st century homes.


If you already have an elegant bed in your guest or main bedroom but want to improve the comfort level through the addition of a designer mattress. You will be delighted to know that we offer a wide selection ranging from conventional shape memory foam, to massage and even round mattresses.

The Memory Foam Intelligent Mattress is made from superior quality memory foam and knitted fabric. It is available in different sizes to suit the type of bed you have. The mattress comes with a massage function, which is sure to relax you after a long workday in Gauteng. It also comes with a wireless remote for upward and downward movements. It is German technology at its best and comes with a 36-month warranty.

The Victoria Anti-Bacterial Memory Foam Mattress is the perfect choice should you want an extra hygienic sleeping space. This is an excellent choice for people struggling with allergies and it is well suited for lodges or guesthouses where it is exceptionally important to keep the sleeping spaces hygienic.

The above is only a short introduction to our extensive range of beds and mattresses for sale in Gauteng. Browse the bed category for an overview of what we have available and give us a call if you need more information or want to order the furniture piece of your choice.

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