While the décor inside each home is undoubtedly unique to that particular dwelling and its occupants, the bedroom is the area in which the most personal selection of furnishings is to be found, since sleeping and resting preferences are so fundamentally individual.

Eight Hours

For the longest time, people have been advised to get at least eight hours’ sleep each night. This is considered to be the average amount of restful slumber which the human body requires in order to keep its multitude of organs and systems functioning optimally and remaining healthy.

A Bad Day

Everything starts badly when one has had insufficient shut-eye. You’re inclined to be impatient, short tempered, forgetful and emotional, prone to over-reaction. Concentration levels are impaired and one has a tendency to be clumsy, even when performing basic tasks.

The day seems endless; you simply cannot wait to get home and into your own, familiar bed – as early as possible – because you need to catch up on lost rest, although you know that there’s no such thing; so-called lost sleep is lost and gone forever, something which sufferers of sleep disorders realise only too well.

Tips for a Good Night’s Rest

  • Invest in the best quality bed, bed set or bedroom suite possible – see those offered elsewhere on our website.
  • Your mattress is the most important part of your bed. Replace an old mattress before it compromises the quality of your rest and/or causes you to wake up with stiff joints and backache in the morning.
  • Select a mattress which offers your body total support and is neither too hard or firm, nor too soft and giving.
  • We also stock a range of high-quality mattresses to partner beautiful bedroom suites and beds with. Within the mattress range, you’re sure to find one which suits your needs and desired comfort level. Warranty periods vary between 10 and 20 years – a measure of the manufacturer’s endorsement in their quality, workmanship and minimum expected lifetime.
  • Top-quality bed linen and bedding enhances the quality of your rest. Buy the best that you can afford. Duvets or blankets should not be overly heavy.
  • Choose your pillow with care too. It should support the neck in alignment with the spine, in a straight position, without elevating or tilting the head into a position which breaks this alignment. Firmness or softness is a personal choice; just keep the pillow’s support function in mind and remember that it usually takes a few nights to adjust to a new pillow.
  • Avoid drinking coffee or smoking before retiring for the night.
  • Ensure that the bedroom is well ventilated, peaceful and calm. Ideally, avoid watching TV here.
  • Seek medical advice for disorders such as snoring and sleep apnoea, which disturbs your slumber and probably that of others too.

The amount of sleep each person requires does vary; your body lets you know how much you need. Some feel quite rested and ready to go after only four to six hours, whilst the prescribed eight hours is insufficient for others.

However long or short the period you spend in dream world, everyone agrees that the quality of sleep is important and for this to occur, certain things should be in place, like the uniquely designed, exclusive mix and match bedroom suites on offer at Joy Furniture. Call us today to get yours!

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