Modern Furniture Specials for Champagne Taste on a Chardonnay Budget

Tired of your old furniture? Looking to buy something new, innovative, and contemporary, but not sure if you can afford it? While you may have an idea of what you’re after, finding it at the right shop and at the right price is another story. Yes, modern furniture isn’t cheap and if you’re looking to furnish your home with the hottest furniture styles on the South African market, it can be a challenging task.

But there’s no need to panic because we’re here to tell you that modern furniture doesn’t always have to come with an astronomical price tag. As South Africa’s leading online furniture marketplace and trendsetters of the most innovative range of contemporary furniture under one roof, we’re proof that you don’t have to break the bank to have a beautiful home – and proof of this can be found in our current furniture specials.

Turn Your Bedroom into a Retreat with our Affordable Luxury Beds on Sale

If it’s elegance, minimalism, and comfort you’re looking to incorporate into the bedroom, you’re going to be pleasantly surprised by our Italian-inspired bed specials. Highlighting comfort, durability, and style, our beds can only be described as works of art. Fashioned from the finest materials that range from top-tier textiles to high-grade leathers, our bed specials can be had in a variety of styles that range from asymmetrical, square, slanted, and curved, to post-modern round. And if that’s not enough, you will also be impressed by our assortment of contemporary headboards.

Add Chic, Style, and Class with our Modern Sofas and Couches that We have on Sale

If all you’re after is a modern sofa or some leisure chairs, our innovative sofas and couches will catch your eye. While staying true to modernism, our Italian-designed modern couches and sofas offer something unique. Prominent accent pieces that stand out, whether finished in fabric, vinyl, or leather, our couch and sofa specials include L-shaped corner sofas, U-shaped sofas, 1-, 2- and 3-seater sofa sets, modern recliners, contemporary 2- and 3-seater loveseats and luxury leisure chairs fashioned in the highest quality 100% genuine leathers and the most opulent variety of high-end vinyls and fabrics.

Enhance Your Living Room Space with our Futuristic Coffee Tables on Sale Now

Considered as one of the main attractions of any living room, our coffee tables are renowned for bringing style into modern homes, apartments, and business reception areas. Combining sophistication and elegance, all while staying true to form and function, our coffee tables are not only unique and futuristic, but they are also of superior quality. Made from tempered glass, MDF wood, stainless steel, or leather, they can be found in shapes that range from geometrical and triangular to round.

Known for pushing boundaries and setting trends, our modern furniture specials not only deliver a futuristic style statement that’s impossible to resist, but each piece is based on minimalism, form, and function, which are essential characteristics required for 21st-century living. Combining affordability, comfort, and sophistication, our furniture specials promote the chance for anyone to furnish their home or office with the hottest furniture styles on the South African market.

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