Embrace the Modern World with JOY Furniture’s 2017 Specials

Are you looking to bring some style, sophistication, and class into your home or business space? Then you need to do it with modern furniture. We’re living in a time where our living spaces have become smaller, and as our spaces change, so do our needs for furniture. Moving away from clutter and using the least to achieve the most, anyone can fashion a trendy, stylish and sophisticated home or office with just a few beautiful modern pieces. Yes, even the most awkward room can blossom into a beautiful space of comfort with modern furniture.

Minimalist, and comfortable, modern furniture has the power to change, complement and complete the interior design of any home or office. But today’s modern furniture does not always come cheap, and may not be accessible to you if you are on a tight budget. Unfortunately, when it comes to furniture, you always get what you pay for, which is why opting for the cheapest is not always the wisest choice. But there is no need to despair. It is 2017, and we are celebrating the New Year with some incredible furniture specials that will fit perfectly with your space, décor, lifestyle – and budget.

Get Futuristic with your Bedroom and Living Room

Whether you are a homeowner, property developer, hotel group, or a bed & breakfast, it is the 21st century and in this day and age, bedrooms are no longer complete without the presence of beautiful modern beds. Upholstered in the finest leather or vinyl, our 2017 furniture specials offer everything from sleek, futuristic, asymmetrical, square, slanted, and curved, to round post-modern beds that boast recliner features and sophisticated storage facilities.

We are leading the way as the top modern furniture trendsetters and online furniture marketplace of the most beautiful designer furniture in South Africa, and proof of this can also be found in our ultra-modern leather and vinyl modular sofa sets. Renowned for blending desires with needs, all while staying true to modernism, our ultra-modern leather or vinyl L-shaped corner couches, modular sectionals, and mid-century modern three-seaters offer sleek lines and elegant, clean curves that are impossible to compete with.

Our Furniture is Simply a Lifelong Investment

Our furniture style will leave you with a sense of simplicity, balance, sophistication, and comfort. Your home is your castle and whether it is modern, classic, or traditional, we believe that you deserve to furnish it with the very best, and that is exactly what you will find at JOY Furniture. Promoting excellence in manufacture and service, all our manufacturing processes and raw materials are certified and rated against internationally recognised quality standards, best practices, and benchmarks. Boasting beautiful designer furniture, precision-engineered to be light, simple, and functional; we make modern furniture a lifelong investment.

Whether you are looking to furnish a big modern house overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, a small loft apartment in the middle of the city, or an office block on an estate, embrace the modern world with JOY Furniture’s 2017 modern furniture specials. Catering to minimalism, functionality, form, and comfort in equal measure, you are guaranteed to be blown away when you see our 2017 furniture specials.

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