Sculpt Me a Story

 Since the beginning of time, or more accurately, the beginning of human culture, sculpting has been a very rare and under-appreciated art form. Although you would find endless sculptures of important people or idols throughout history, it wasn’t every sculpture that could capture that specific beauty. Being a sculptor, even in today’s culture, requires a very fine eye and steady hands to create a beautiful piece of art, and convey a certain emotion or message.

Abstract and contemporary sculptures are always a very good conversation starter, as art will always speak to someone’s individuality, instead of conveying a conforming message. Everyone will always interpret art in their own way, and so should you.

Abstract Sculptures

 As any proper artist might tell you, there is beauty in the abstract. Pablo Picasso was one of the first abstract artists with his very own take on abstract and contemporary sculptures for his time, not to mention his paintings as well. One might never know where his inspiration came from for all his abstract work, or whether he just stumbled upon it when he made a mistake sculpting one day, and then decided to leave it as is. Either which way, he found beauty in imperfection – as we humans find it in each other as well.

In most cases, an abstract sculpture conveys a powerful message, instead of just being intended to be beautiful. Most of the time, this message might be controversial to the immediate and average public – offending the normal point of view or lifestyle. For an artist, the best way of expressing themselves is through controversy. This is why abstract art has been such a strong and growing art form over the years.

Contemporary Sculptures

 We live in an era where personal preference takes priority over general views, and in rare cases, human nature itself. Being an artist in this age, should be easier, considering all the sources of inspiration you can draw from, without the fear of facing the gallows when you offend the wrong people. Contemporary sculptures usually end up being abstract sculptures, but some might still express accurate perfection, as they did when the Romans sculpted their rulers’ faces in stone thousands of years ago.

As people, we all have our own different preferences regarding art. Having any abstract and contemporary sculptures in and around your home should firstly express your taste and style in art. This means that you need to find that perfect piece to put on display in an artistic focal point in your house. This can prove to be a difficult and expensive process, but it shouldn’t be the case if you choose the right place to look.

JOY Furniture is your one-stop shop for a wide selection in abstract and contemporary sculptures – offering you the freedom to express yourself through art and enriching your home, without breaking the bank at the same time! Feel free to browse through our website for images and pricing, or contact us directly for any information regarding our sculptures.

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