Give New Life to your Home with JOY Furniture’s 2017 Furniture Catalogues

Do you want to give new life to your home or office space this New Year? With the New Year being a time of change, rebirth, and renewal, if there was ever a time for a change, it is definitely now. But revamping your home does not always have to be a major project, and you do not have to spend a fortune doing it either. Yes, you really do not need a decorating overhaul to give your home a fresh, updated look – you can do it with modern furniture.

Today, more than ever, modern mid-century is everywhere. Circles, spheres, clean lines, glass, bold colours, art deco prints, and metals are back in vogue. Boasting geometric shapes with smooth surfaces that are fuelled by inspiration from the Victorian Eclectic and Edwardian Art Nouveau eras, this is a furniture style that is engineered from only the very best. as precision engineered works of art designed to serve a purpose, these pieces are simple, and uncluttered. If you are looking to refashion your home or office with the most modern, futuristic furniture that will stay fresh for years to come, then you need to turn to JOY Furniture.

We are the Future of Furniture

We love a fresh start as much as you do, and proof of this can be found in our new 2017 furniture catalogues. Celebrated as one of South Africa’s top leading online furniture marketplaces, we have taken the furniture market to the future – and brought the future to you. As a leading furniture trendsetter that embraces modern lifestyle living, not only are we renowned for driving innovation forward by only showcasing new and refreshing Italian-inspired designs, but we offer lots and lots of interior inspiration, bright ideas, and tips and trends.

Simply browse through our online furniture catalogue and make your selection from numerous colours, dimensions, and interior display layouts to see how a particular piece will look. Should you need assistance, we have our very own in-house interior decorating department dedicated to helping you find that perfect piece that will fit seamlessly with your décor and style. Furthermore, not only has our online catalogue been designed to make your online shopping experience easy and convenient, but we also make it really easy for anyone throughout South Africa to place their order, make their online payment and have their furniture delivered right to their door.

At JOY Furniture, we believe that you only need a few pieces to give your house a designer look. From the light and airy to the bold and colourful; just one accent piece in every room has the potential to transform your space and take it to the next level. Whether you are looking to completely redo your home or just spice up the existing living room décor by tweaking an accent piece or two, immerse yourself in our 2017 furniture catalogues of modern furniture and be prepared to be inspired. Manufacturing and importing furniture for the future, we simply deliver beautifully designed modern, futuristic furniture, with outstanding attention to form and function, at fair prices.

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