Interior Design

JOY Furniture has its own in-house interior team that will look after all your interior needs whether it is a small revamping project or a new project requiring space planning to the actual design and fitment of all decorative items and furniture for your home or corporate environment.

Interior design is the daring task of seamlessly blending the form and the function of the environment in order to achieve the true balance of these disciplines. The space plan and the needs analysis are the basis of the functional requirements but the visual design elements reflect the energy or tranquility of your home or business.

The look and feel of your home or business indicate what type of statement you want to make with your peers or customers.
This can be an all-encompassing total make-over, or it could be subtle additions and alterations to an already stylish and professional set-up.

Please feel free to contact Yolande Coetzee at [email protected] to discuss your needs.

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