Dinner Tables and Chairs

Ring That Dinner Bell

 The importance of dinner tables and chairs can be seen throughout any movie and television show in history, with people gathering for a feast at the end of a very long day. Whether it is the Dwarven gathering at Bilbo’s house before setting off to the Misty Mountains, or simply the Scottish delight of Billy Connolly doing the voice-over for King Fergus at the dinner table in Brave, we find that an evening spent around the table, is a glorious one indeed.

Leather is the New Black – Leather Lounge Sofas

Leather is the New Black

 Throughout the years, different materials have been introduced with regards to sofas and couches. Although you might still find your sofa very comfortable after all these years, regardless of the fact that the colour is faded from all the moving and that certain food stains simply will not go away, it might be time to replace the old girl with something new and sexy, and preferably in leather!

Modern Pendant Lights for Sale From joy Furniture

Hanging by a Pendant

 One of the most important features of a room, is the lighting. If you ask any architect in the southern hemisphere about how to properly design and lay out a house, they will tell you that the windows must always look to the north and east of the house for the best possible natural light to fill the house during the day. At night, it becomes a different situation.

Kids Furniture for Sale

Joy to the Kids

 As an adult, you rarely have time to sit around and do nothing, especially when your kids are driving you mad. This lifestyle filled with responsibility never really lets off the pressure and lets you relax for a while, making you think back to a simpler time – a time when you were a little kid running around without a care in the world. As a kid, you probably had some of your own unique furniture pieces in your room, because your bed had to be in the shape of a race car and your duvet had to match it!

Abstract Sculptures and Contemporary Sculptures

Sculpt Me a Story

 Since the beginning of time, or more accurately, the beginning of human culture, sculpting has been a very rare and under-appreciated art form. Although you would find endless sculptures of important people or idols throughout history, it wasn’t every sculpture that could capture that specific beauty. Being a sculptor, even in today’s culture, requires a very fine eye and steady hands to create a beautiful piece of art, and convey a certain emotion or message.