corner sofas

Normal or Corner Sofas – You Choose!

Looking to make a style statement in your home or office? Looking to trade that old 90’s leather three-seater in for something modern, stylish and comfortable? With a market flooded with sofa types that are not all equal in quality and style, choosing one can be quite a tough job. A solid investment that you want to both complement your lifestyle and last for years, buying a sofa is a decision that should never be taken lightly. While a contemporary mid-century three-seater fashioned in fabric or vinyl may have caught your eye, you may also be in two minds about that gorgeous sleek brown leather corner sofa that comes with a recliner and ottoman? If you’re at a deadlock over which one would be best suited to you – check out some of their differences.

Lounge Table Ideas

Define Your Living Room Style with Some Simple Lounge Table Ideas and Tips

Looking to bring some style and function into your home? They say that change is as good as a holiday, and if you’re looking to refashion your living room, then a good place to start is with your coffee table in the lounge. Your home is a reflection of your personality and style, which is why the things you choose to fill it with should be the things that you love. This includes your favourite shapes, colours and textures. A table that does so much more than just hold a glass, flower arrangement and book, not only are coffee tables placed right in the middle of the room where they can’t be missed, but they are also used as a surface for tired feet, so you need to make sure that you choose the right one for your home.

Leather or Fabric Sofas

Leather or Fabric Sofas

Considered as the heart and soul of a living room, office or reception area – today’s modern sofas are a prominent piece of furniture that not only stands out, but also has the power to complement, complete and even transform the interior design and image of any space that it graces.

Couches or Sofas

Couches or Sofas? A Quick Look at the Top Two Differences!

Every homeowner and business owner knows that there is no better way to complement the home or office than by investing in a new contemporary couch or sofa? Whether they are black, white or red, not only are contemporary couches and sofas classic, but they also have the command to dictate the style and image of any contemporary interior that they grace. Paired with a flat-screen TV and a modern TV cabinet – you really don’t need anything else!

Bed Frames and Bases

Futuristic Asymmetrical, Curved, Square, Slanted and Round Bed Frames and Bases

It’s the 21st century and in this modern-day age, bedrooms are no longer complete without the presence of modern furniture. Having gone through tremendous style transformations over the years, from heavy detailed wooden creations to light innovative works of art – there has never been a more exciting time for architects, interior decorators and property developers. Whatever can be imagined can now be found!

Sofas for Sale

How to Choose the Right Sofas for Sale

The time to go sofa shopping has come. Where do you go? What type do you buy? How do you know that the sofa you are buying offers value for money, durability and product quality? Shopping wisely is vitally important and at Joy Furniture, we pride ourselves on having a string of happy customers in our wake.

Elegant Furniture for Sale

Find Elegant Furniture for Sale at Joy Furniture

Many interior designers know that a home’s interior can be completely transformed with the right furniture items. While cosmetic changes, such as paint and fittings, can give the room an overall more modern appeal, it is the furniture included that can achieve the desired aesthetic appeal of the home. If you are looking to spruce up a tired space in the home or if you want to invest in furniture that looks great and is comfortable too, finding elegant furniture for sale at a good price is the way to go.

furniture shop

Selecting the Right Furniture Shop for Your Home is Made Easy When You Shop at JOY Furniture

Searching the South African market for the most innovative range of modern furniture, but having trouble selecting the right furniture shop for your home? Nowadays, it’s not hard to find a furniture shop. In fact, you can find furniture on just about every main street corner. However, not all furniture is created equal, and if you’re looking for sleek, stylish and modern furniture, it could be quite a struggle. If you live in a modern home, then you’ll only want to style your interior with the best, and whether you're decorating a new home or you're simply upgrading – selecting the right furniture shop for your home is made so much easier when you turn to JOY Furniture, and here’s why?

Modern Furniture in Pretoria

Futuristic, Modern Furniture in Pretoria that Caters to Minimalism, Functionality and Comfort

Looking to add some sophistication, polish and style to your home or office? Everyone desires a space that they can be proud of and modern furniture has the power to change, complement and complete the interior design of any space that it graces. Renowned for offering striking designs that are unique, elegant, stylish and enduring, if there is one type of furniture style that can do all of the above and more, it’s modern furniture.